Coldstore Friopuerto Valencia 2015

Friopuerto grows at the port of Valencia, Spain

Last July 16th, Friopuerto began operations at its new cold store which has been constructed at a new port concession dated from May 2014 and next to the former one, which Friopuerto operates at the Port of Valencia since 2005.

The new installation occupies a concession of  4.500 m2 on which a cold store of  20.000 m3 capacity has been erected and is equipped with two frozen chambers (at -25ºC) for frozen goods and three refrigerated chambers  operating at positive temperatures (from 0ºC to +15ºC) for fresh and chilled products. All chambers are equipped with semi-automated drive-in Racking Systems with radio shuttles in order to store each pallet at its precise ubication with speediness and safely.

After this new Investment, closed to 3 million Euros and with the two cold stores which are now in operation at Valencia, Friopuerto consolidates its leadership in temperature controlled logistics at the Port of Valencia.

The new docking area is composed of 5 docks and these are prepared for opening the truck’s and reefers’ doors inside refrigerated areas. Another chamber with dual temperature range has also been adapted with its own docking area in order to store other type of products.  With these new docks, Friopuerto has been able to duplicate them (from 6 to 12) in order to increase the rotation of transshipments and cross-docking operations. Also, increasing the handling and classification areas at temperature controlled.

Friopuerto Valencia holds different quality and efficiency certificates as ISO 9001, ISO 28001 and ISO 50001, the MSC’s fisheries certificate for sustainable fishing practices of some of our clients, the Certification Mark from the Port of Valencia and other certificates for exporting meat, fish and related products to third countries.

Friopuerto is a member of the Spanish Association of Cold Storage and Logistics (ALDEFE), the European Association of Cold Storage and Logistics (ESCLA), the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW) and the World Food Logistics Association (WFLO), both under the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA), among others.

Friopuerto, a subsidiary of the Romeu Group, the largest private international operator in Spain with presence in 23 countries,  currently operates port cold stores Terminals at Valencia, Spain and Veracruz, México  in addition  of the one to be inaugurated at the end of 2015 at the Free Trade Zone of the Port of TangerMed, Morocco.  In its strategy, there are other projects to be developed in the Western Mediterranean and in Latin America.