Coldstores services at Friopuerto

Friopuerto’s vision is to provide top of the line services for perishable cargo requiring temperature control. We strive to assist your company in:


Warehousing services

Our coldstores are clearly foreign-trade oriented and thus they are located within ports or very near them. We have built them with flexibility in mind, so they all incorporate different chambers for both chilled and frozen product. Our rack systems can be adapted for different pallet heights depending on customer needs.

Added-value services

added value services

Our facilities are designed to provide our customers with added-value services to help them streamline their supply chains. From picking and packing, to labelling and processing, our staff meets the demands of the most requiring clients.



Friopuerto can assist your company with a broad range of transportation services, either directly or through top-class partners. We specialize in inland haulage of reefer containers as well as pick-up and distribution with refrigerated trucks for both LTL (Less than Truck Load) and FTL (Full Truck Load) shipments.