Coldstore in Tanger Med

Coldstore in Tanger Med

Our Tanger Med 5.500 sqm facility, opened in 2016, has storage capacity of up to 33.275 cbm, including 12.900 cbm for 1.750 pallet positions in three chilled chambers as well as 15.500 cbm for 3.600 pallets in two chambers for frozen product. The coldstatore is equipped with both static and mobile racks and includes 4.875 cbm for transhipment services.

icon-dimensions 5.500 sqm   icon-dimensions5.350 pallets   icon-dimensions -21°C/+14°C

Tanger Med is a unique location not only for the Northeast of the country but also as a quick route into Rabat and Casablanca high-consumption areas as well as a hub for the West Mediterranean region. Besides, being a freetrade zone, Friopuerto Tanger Med will be the ideal location for perishables trading operations in the region.

Perishables’ export hub


Exporters of fruits and vegetables will reduce costs with Friopuerto Tanger Med’s consolidation platform. Chilled and frozen cargo can be moved by truck to the coldstore to save on inland costs and then shipped by reefer container to worldwide destinations and new markets.

Frozen and cold chambers


A coldstore designed for flexibility and efficiency, our customers can benefit from three chilled chambers (+4ºC – +12ºC) and two frozen (-22ºC) chambers. We can offer added-value services like labelling, processing and picking.



Through our proprietary WMS we ensure total on-time traceability of your cargo. Our technology allows for integration of customer’s barcodes, product references, PO’s, etc.

Coldstore services in Tangiers

icon-storage-lessStorage for
frozen cargo
icon-storage-lessStorage for
chilled cargo
icon-truckContainer haulage
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of containers
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