Coldstore in Montevideo

Friopuerto Montevideo is located on the Free Port of Montevideo, considered the main commercial route in Uruguay. In comparison with other competitors, our warehouse is situated near the fishing vessel quay side at pier number 11, concretely dock number 2. This fact is going to be a determining factor to get a key role in the Mercosur.

27.000 cbm9.000 tons-30°C/+15°C

This logistics platform is essential for the international fishing vessels that operate in the South Atlantic. Many of these vessels use our premises as a warehousing/distribution centre to the main maritime and road routes.
The warehouse has a storage capacity of 27.000 m3, up to 9.000 tons to be stored in 6 frozen chambers.


Friopuerto Montevideo, after being granted with the concession, is working on the renewal of the homologation to store goods that are meant to be exported to the EU and third countries. Besides, we want to become a main logistics hub for meat products from Uruguay and Paraguay, as well as for dairy products with destination Mexico.

Preferential mooring station

Friopuerto Montevideo, as a key commercial value, has a preferential mooring station for the goods to be unloaded and stored at its premises. This mooring station is located at the dock 2 of the pier 11.

Container depot

Adjoining the cold warehouse, we have a 1.000 m2 container depot where we count with the proper equipment to plug reefer containers.

Coldstore services in Montevideo

icon-storage-lessStorage for frozen cargo
icon-storage-lessStorage for chilled cargo
icon-truckContainer haulage
icon-containersExport loading & Import unloading
of containers
Plug area for Reefer containers