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International Coldstore Opportunities

We are actively looking for opportunities to grow our business.

Please contact us if you have an existing facility or greenfield project that meets all or most of the following criteria:

  • Facility located inside or near a maritime port with regular container service from the main shipping lines.
  • Facility with a minimum of 2.500 sqm of reefer warehouse capacity and at least 4 loading docks.
  • Location is in Latin American, West Mediterranean or Middle East.
  • A business case which focuses on foreign trade (either imports or exports or both) of frozen or chilled products.
  • A greenfield idea, an existing business with owners looking for an exit or an existing business looking for financing an extension.
  • You are a manufacturing/packaging/industrial company in need of such a facility but you do not wish to¬†build or operate it yourself.

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